A New Start

Before anything else, I’d like to be honest about one thing and this may seem a little funny or corny or crazy or whatever you call it. This is like my nth time of creating a blog. I know, I know that It’s not cool having so many blogs that you signed up with just to have your own personal space on the web where you can be upfront about everything. Well the thing is, I wasn’t able to maintain all those short-lived (As what I prefer to call it) blogs that I have created before due to my laziness in writing an entry for a specific day. 

But today, things will start to change and I’m pretty sure it’ll be fun. I will be posting all of my thoughts and everything sh*t about my life in this minimalist, crisp, white as a bond paper space on the web. 

Let me share this beautiful quote by Louise L. Hay:


Okay, I just got it from Google. ;) 







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