All About Be

Here it is, my short entry about my new apple of the eye, Bernardo Velasco. You might be wondering why I wrote “Be” in the title. Simply because it’s his nickname. Derived from his first name of course. The reason? I don’t know. I just found it on some website. :)

He was born on January 30, 1986 in Rio de Janeiro. His native language is, of course, Portuguese. But he can also speak in English. I’m just not sure if he’s fluent in using it. He stands at 5’11’ and weighs 70kg. About his education, he took up Physical Ed. at UFRJ (Rio de Janeiro Federal University). His sports include soccer and tennis, wears Calvin Klein a lot as it is his favorite brand of clothing (Possibly underwear too) and he loves eating pasta.

He has a face of an angel and a body of a sinner. If you know what I mean.

tumblr_lvyr47jZ341r6h3oxo1_1280 936full-bernardo-velasco 936full-bernardo-velasco-1 tumblr_m6jizxze2p1qd9433o1_1280 tumblr_lp4i460jNa1r0vmjto4_500 tumblr_lp4i460jNa1r0vmjto3_500

And now, let’s explore more of his sexiness.

Bernardo-Velasco-Bulging-Package Bernardo-Velasco-Gorgeous-Naked-Jock Bernardo-Velasco-Sexy-Jock-Butt Bernardo-Velasco-Sexy-Jocks-Naked-Butt Bernardo-Velasco-Towel-Hunk

He has a lot of sexy pictures online but these two caught my attention. Like my eyes went straight ahead to that thingy under.

tumblr_lp3sigWkBl1r0vmjto1_400 tumblr_lp3sigWkBl1r0vmjto4_500

Indeed a feast for the eyes. I hope you drool over these hot as a fire photos as I did when I first saw them.

Xoxo, Judd


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