Surfer’s Paradise by Cody Simpson

After releasing his debut album Paradise months ago, Australian pop star Cody Simpson has a new album out and it’s called Surfer’s Paradise. Released by Atlantic Records last month, the album consists of 8 original tracks that vary from Pop to RnB. He even collaborated with Asher Roth and Ziggy Marley in two different songs. How cool is that?

csimps-surferThe album has spawned two singles already which were “Pretty Brown Eyes” released on April 23, 2013 followed by “Summertime Of Our Lives” released exactly a month ago.

I wasn’t a fan of his music at first because I thought he’s more catered to teenage girls like that of Bieber, etc. But when I heard Pretty Brown Eyes on the radio, I told myself “This guy has got a very cool voice, huh?”. After hearing and learning about the song, I immediately opened my computer and downloaded it right away. Yep, I downloaded it. Not bought. LOL!

I already have the full album saved on my iPhone and after listening to all the tracks, it made me realize what a great musician Cody is. He may not have the best voice in the biz but he certainly has the talent. Each song is just so good to the ears. It’s like you’re listening to a feel-good music. Just get a copy of the album so that you’ll get what I’m trying to say. ;)

Ladies and gents, let’s all listen to “Pretty Brown Eyes”. :)


Xoxo, Judd


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