“Are We Out Of The Woods Yet?” Taylor Swift says.

Perhaps the best track from her fifth studio album 1989, Taylor Swift perfectly wrote a track that simply stands out from all the songs she has written in the past. Known for her bubblegum, teen pop kind of music, Taylor has decided to try something fresh with her music for her latest album and man, she didn’t disappoint. Most especially in this track. Influenced by the pop music of the 80s, she was able to come up with this song that simply talks about one of the things that hugely affect the relationship of each and every couple, doubt. 

I simply adore how Taylor has managed to veer away from the genre she used to be known for. Which leads me to the accompanying music video of the said song that I’m making an entry about, which she has released on New Year’s Eve 2015 (Two days ago). Have you guys seen it? If not, then you’re not a Swiftie. Seriously, it’s one of the best music videos she has ever done.

When I was watching it, I was heavily reminded of The Last Airbender movie by M. Night Shyamalan. You may ask why? Simply because of the four elements that are present in the video. Aside from the aforementioned movie, OOTW (Abbreviation of the title) has this Disney-esque feel to it along with the White Queen from The Chronicles Of Narnia in the character that Taylor is playing in the video. I knew I was watching a beautiful music video when I found out that it was directed by Joseph Kahn.

Now before I reach to the conclusion of this entry, can we just take a look and stare at the song’s album art?


One word to describe it: PERFECTION. Yep, I mean it. Don’t blame my love for vintage photography especially if the photo was taken using a Polaroid. With that being said, I think the rest of the Polaroids of 1989 deserve a separate post.

Xoxo, Juday


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