On The Third Day Of 2016..

Something fun and memorable have happened. It was a mini reunion with my high school friends. Although I see some of them every once in a while, this time though, it’s a little different. And it’s something kind of special. 

One of our friends, who by the way, hasn’t been here in the Philippines for 2 or 3 years (Can’t exactly remember how long) since she flew to the States with her family, happened to be her birthday and she has decided to celebrate it by throwing a simple celebration with family and friends who are dear to her.


I’m not going to lie. I missed her! Yep, that’s her in the picture. Her name’s Marjory. But we call her Marj. We used to hang out a lot in their house back in HS. Most especially in her bedroom that she still shares with her younger sister. I can still remember the posters of Simple Plan & The Good Charlotte glued in her closet and the walls of the bedroom, CDs of The All-American Rejects, Blink-182, Dashboard Confessional and those other punk pop alternative American bands that were hugely popular back then because she’s into that music genre. She still is actually. Oh God, so many memories in that room. In that house. *Cries a little* Such memories deserve a separate entry to accommodate all the great things that me, Marj and the rest of the gang have shared.

That day proved to be even more special because aside from Marj, another member of the gang has made an appearance to the event. O diba? Lakas lang maka artista.


We were all so thrilled when she told us that she would be coming. Like a total W-T-F moment! Alex is coming! Yes, that’s how excited we were. Hahaha! And yep, that’s her name by the way. Bihira lang namen sya makasama due to her current status in life (She’s married with two kids) in which we understand naman. She’s one of the craziest, funniest, and bullied sometimes, women that I know who doesn’t get easily offended with jokes that are being thrown at her. Instead, sasabayan pa nya by returning with a joke regardless if it’s mean, offensive or rude. Hahaha! That’s how crazy she is. And that’s why we all love her.

Okay I’m talking too much already. I know. Perhaps I’ll just let the rest of the photos do the talking on how memorable that day was for me.




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