Gathered Once Again

Before anything else, let’s have a music check first. As I write this, DeBarge’s 1985 hit single “Who’s Holding Donna Now” is currently playing to get me in the mood. Big thanks to Spotify. It’s like my account has been upgraded to Premium whenever I use it here on my laptop.

There is no denying that being with the people you grew up with during your adolescent years brings so much happiness to your life even just for a short amount of time. Especially when you don’t see each other often due to the fact that you all live separate lives now. In other words, the reality of life that we always have to face and survive at. Such feeling, the bliss that I am talking about, is exactly what we have experienced 9 days ago when me and some of my friends from high school were all gathered yet again by one of our friends who came home from the US for a vacation.

We got ecstatic when this balikbayan friend of ours asked us if she could meet us over dinner. To do some catching up to say the least since we haven’t seen her for almost 2 years (?). Lost count on how long she’s gone abroad. I’m sorry mare. Hahaha! She made this inquiry through Facebook group chat that she has set up and from there, an exchange of vulgar yet hilarious words took place. We have always been like this. Don’t worry. It’s our way of showing love and how we miss each other.


Meet Jasmin. Our Balikbayan friend.


Initially, I didn’t say yes to the invite since I have work on that day. My shift ends at 12AM so it would be totally impossible for me to join the dinner treat. As the day drew closer, it made me think so hard if I should go or not. It was like 70/30. 70% chance of me going to the dinner and have fun while 30% chance of not going and be in the office instead and do productive things.

And the day has come. It was Friday. Last day of work week. Of course, it’s pretty obvious what happened next. I guess I should still say it just to be proper. I didn’t report to work on that day. I shall not go into details. It’s better if I keep the reason to myself. As if you guys care, right? But even if I was decided already that I would join, I didn’t inform any of them that I’m going cause I wanted an element of surprise to occur. By yours truly of course. Hahaha! #Pabebe

Call time was at 6:45PM but since I wanted to be the last one to come, I arrived at past 8 in the evening. Nope, it was 9 actually. I think? Hahaha! I was super late. Photos below are what the gang looked like before my arrival. O diba? Lakas maka Balikbayan. Hahaha!


The Friday night dinner/catch up happened in a Japanese restaurant in which I haven’t dined in yet. So glad that I got to try it na since I have been wanting to dine in and try their food. And to my surprise, it was great. Or perhaps I was just starving that night and the thought of devouring the food that I ordered, regardless of the taste, didn’t bother me at all. #Shutaygu (Shutay gutom. Gay term for patay gutom)

We talked the night away and laughed our asses off that we didn’t realize the mall was closing. But since there were still food and drinks in our table, we stayed until we finish them. To cut the story short, we were the last ones left in the restaurant until its closing. After dinner, we parted ways with our balikbayan friend for she has to go home early since she would be leaving for Batanggas the following day. We bid farewell to her. There were hugs and kisses. It was bittersweet but we have to accept the fact that she doesn’t live here in the Philippines anymore. Wait a second, scratch that farewell. It was more like a “See ya soon bitch!”. Ahh.. Much better. Too bad we didn’t get to snap photos of us saying our goodbyes.

After she left, we have decided to spend the rest of the night by doing what we love most whenever we would see each other, getting drunk. Not black out drunk due to being intoxicated by tequila shots or what. Tamang chill lang as what the people now would say. At first we were having a really hard time on where we should have some bottles of beer. Luckily, there’s this place in Pala-Pala, Dasmariñas that I thought of where a good music is being played at aside from the crowd. Well the crowd isn’t the same as with the ones frequenting some of the most popular, posh clubs in Metro Manila right now.

The club is called M2. I have no idea what it means. Perhaps on our next visit, I would try to ask one of the waiters about it. Hahaha! It wasn’t my first time in this club though that’s why I mentioned earlier that they play some cool music. We were in for a little treat when we got there as the DJ played some songs that we grew up listening and dancing to. Bongga lang diba? We stayed there until 1AM.

To sum it all up, I am glad with the decision that I have made that day. I would have missed a lot of fun and this blog entry would not have been possible if I opted to just report to work and finish all the reports and attend all the meetings where my presence is required.


Xoxo, Juday

Image Credits: M2 The Club Facebook Page / Cherelle Esguerra / Jasmin Torreno

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