Thank you for taking the time in clicking this tab. It means that you would like to get to know me more. Let me assume that stuff, can I?


Now this is where the hardest part comes in. How should I introduce myself? Let me put it this way:

I consider myself as a “wannabe” of things I would like to attain and be successful in it. Hopefully. Someday. Crossing my fingers.

I love fashion. Everything about it. Well not necessarily in the way that I dress because I don’t go out looking chic/fab/whatever. I always go for the classic look. The basics to say the least. What I mean with my love for fashion is that I am into fashion magazines, models, designers, stylists, make-up artists and photographers. The team that makes a fashion shoot possible. 

I strongly believe that listening to music is the only cure to being bored. Especially if the track that’s playing is your favorite. 

Movies. Celebrities. Pop Culture. These things comprise the cycle of my life aside from the things mentioned above. 

Coffee addict. Seriously, who isn’t?

Cute guys. Hot hunks. Praying for one to come into my life and take my breath away. Charot!

Family oriented. God fearing. Yes, I am those two. 

I’m running out of things to say about me. Bye!



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