This song is really addictive. I say that with pure honesty because it really is! If you haven’t listened to it yet then now is the right time to look for this track and press the play button and get lost in its beauty.

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First of all, that’s intentional. The little tweak (If it’s the right term to be used *rushes to Google*) that I did in the title. The one that’s quotation enclosed. Perhaps you now have an idea on what I would talk about. Okay, let me just assume that you have one.

Isn’t it a little bit interesting that the words “Change” and “Challenge” are somehow connected to each other? Like they are meant to be used together in anything. They say that “Change is inevitable. It is constant. Nothing stays still.”. I couldn’t agree more with these facts. I mean, let’s face it. They all make sense. Because without experiencing them, we would just be stuck with things that we are used to in doing and we would not be able to face new events in our lives that might help us to be better or improve ourselves more than what we are used to be.

Below are some examples that I could think of where change and challenge are proven to be associated with each other:

You just finished high school and you’re off to college to continue learning. But only this time, it’s different. It’s like all the subjects that you took in high school got upgraded to their newer versions and the level of difficulty has worsened. (FACT!)

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All academic stuff aside, college also serves as the best avenue to meet new faces in which you’re going to have some of the best memories to be made with and of course, cherished.

After 4 years of suffering from college (Charot!), you now enter the new chapter in your life which is, I’m going to write it in upper case to make it look like it’s being super emphasized, R-E-A-L W-O-R-L-D. Or in other words, R-E-A-L-I-T-Y. It simply means “You are on your own now..*wait for it*..GOODLUCK!”.

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This is where the real change and challenge would take place and all the things that you learned from school will be put to a test. The struggle to look for a job and the hardships it entail, new people to get along with, new environment from school hallways to production floors with the constant flashing of brightness from the computer monitors, they all scream “This is THE LIFE.”. The kind of life that you have wanted while you were still in school. I’m pretty sure you know exactly what I’m talking about here. (Tinatamad nang dugtungan kasi. Sorry naman daw!)

Let’s say you landed the job that you have been wanting to have. From all the set of interviews and exams you underwent the time you applied for it, now comes the moment where you have to live up to the expectations set for the job position you applied for.

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Not just simply to live up to but to be the BEST in it.

You might ask “Anong pinaglalaban ko dito?”. Well, I’m not trying to preach if that’s what you people are thinking. I’m just trying to make you guys realize the connection between change and challenge and how it applies to our daily lives. Okay maybe there’s one reason behind this post:

PERSONAL: I recently started with this new task at work that was handed to me by my boss. Uhm, okay, that’s not exactly how it happened. I actually bargained for it. LOL! Yeah, you read that right. It happens. All the time. Don’t worry. :) And boy, let me tell you, it’s a little exhausting!

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Well not little. Let me rephrase it. It’s very STRESSFUL. Yep, that’s the word. The right one to be used.

But, have you guys ever wondered on how you would overcome all the stress from work? How it makes you look unwell when you get in the office looking fresh? Where’s the justice right? Well, I kind of made a list of things to remember about once you get up from bed first thing in the morning. But on a more serious note, the list of things to help you handle the change and the challenge it demands. You may also opt to take these things in your heart, mind and soul while having your breakfast, etc. Hahaha!

1. COFFEE. ’nuff said.


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I couldn’t help but to say something about this. Everyone loves coffee. It’s like a drug and it’s highly addictive. Just don’t take too much of it or else you might end up feeling super nervous all day. 2-3 cups will do, I guess?

2. EAT. Of course.

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To help you start your day right, immerse yourself in eating some food. Especially breakfast. Why? Because it’s the most important meal of the day. I mean like, really.

3. GOOD STUFF. To do.

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You can do so by browsing something good on the internet, listening to a track that will make you smile whether on the radio or play something nice in your playlist, watching your favorite TV show before you officially start your day, etc.

4. SOMETHING LOVELY. Like this guy below..

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Of course, it would have to be BOYS. What else would it be?

5. And of course, PRAY.

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Always trust in God’s will for he knows what’s the best for us.

That’s it. The things to remember about if you find yourself in a new situation, which is a change, and how to overcome the challenges it will bring. I sincerely hope and pray this post would be of a little help. :)

Xoxo, Juday

Sometime in November of 2013, I wrote a little something that simply tells “I’m sorry”. Why? Because I couldn’t keep this blog updated with new stories/ideas/thoughts to share. And yep, here I am, doing that again. Over and over and over…again. *SMH*

Anyhow, moving on to new things to talk about. Well, what should we talk about? What should I divulge to you guys? To be honest, I couldn’t think of anything interesting to write about in this post. Let’s just go…random, shall we? You might wonder how random? Don’t worry, I’ve already got that covered.

Let Jennifer Love Hewitt answer your worries.

This song takes me back to my teenage years. When I was in high school to be specific. Sigh, how I miss those days when the only thing that I was worried about was my reputation as the queen bee of meanest clique of girls who ruled the school hallways. Charot! LOL!

I hope this act of randomness, with the help of JLH’s “BareNaked”, make up for my 2 year absence in the online world of writing.

So, hello…again.

Xoxo, Juday

First and foremost, let me just say how sorry I am for not writing or updating rather this amateur, wannabe blog of mine. I know what you guys are thinking (I assume) that I made a promise when I first started this blog 3 months ago. That I would try my best to make this blog an interesting one by posting new and fresh entries. Thing is, I have been so busy these past few months. From work to my personal life. Hell yeah a lot of things have happened that I lost my focus on writing.

Since my last post was about Madonna (A birthday greeting), I’m gonna end this one with a bang. Chos!


Xoxo, Judd


As the saying goes, it’s better late than never. Although how could I forget to write an entry about her on her very special day? Jeez!

To the undisputed and forever queen of pop, Madonna, BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Your music lives on forever and ever.


Keep Vogue-ing! :)


Xoxo, Judd


Dubbed as the comeback serye of the Queen Of Pinoy Soap Opera, Ms. Judy Ann Santos, after 3 years of not doing such one, Huwag Ka Lang Mawawala is down to its last week with the finale set to air on August 23, Friday. Honestly, I am disappointed and saddened by this.


It began airing on June 17, 2013 replacing the top-rating program Ina Kapatid Anak. The first few episodes were taped, according to my source, a year ago so this makes the series one year in the making. This was supposed to air last year but due to the amount of new shows that ABS-CBN has lined up that time, HKLM (I just abbreviated it to make it short) was put on-hold. And if my memory serves me right, its lead star, Juday, was tasked to host the Philippine edition of Master Chef for Kids which caused her to sacrifice the series for a short period of time. Meaning she was not able to tape some more episodes. Enough of the little background about the show. Let’s get down to the main issue: Bakit mawawala na sya?

Originally planned for a 13-week run, it got cut to 12 weeks due to the time slot issue as the network’s latest teleserye offering, Muling Buksan Ang Puso, was about to premiere that time. So what the management did, and I guess Juday as well, gave way to them by giving their time slot. But these past few weeks, viewers were surprised and the loyal fans of Juday got the shock of their lives when they found out that the series is about to end very soon. Reasons were not immediately disclosed until the news about Got To Believe’s airing, one of ABS-CBN’s upcoming teleseryes, surfaced.

Huwag-Ka-Lang-Mawawala (1)

To cut the story short, when Juday found out that her teleserye will be moved again to a late time slot, she asked the management to just end the show abruptly instead of changing its time slot again.

Truthfully speaking, I got sad after learning about the news cause I love this show so much. It’s one of the best crafted teleseryes that ABS-CBN has produced. It doesn’t have a typical storyline and what makes it worth watching is that it has a lot of twists and surprises. And of course, how could I forget the cast? They are all perfect for this. And of course Juday. Well, it’s Juday. The Judy Ann Santos that we’ve known since Mara Clara back in the day. Nuff said.

Don’t miss the final week of Huwag Ka Lang Mawawala guys!


Xoxo, Judd

After releasing his debut album Paradise months ago, Australian pop star Cody Simpson has a new album out and it’s called Surfer’s Paradise. Released by Atlantic Records last month, the album consists of 8 original tracks that vary from Pop to RnB. He even collaborated with Asher Roth and Ziggy Marley in two different songs. How cool is that?

csimps-surferThe album has spawned two singles already which were “Pretty Brown Eyes” released on April 23, 2013 followed by “Summertime Of Our Lives” released exactly a month ago.

I wasn’t a fan of his music at first because I thought he’s more catered to teenage girls like that of Bieber, etc. But when I heard Pretty Brown Eyes on the radio, I told myself “This guy has got a very cool voice, huh?”. After hearing and learning about the song, I immediately opened my computer and downloaded it right away. Yep, I downloaded it. Not bought. LOL!

I already have the full album saved on my iPhone and after listening to all the tracks, it made me realize what a great musician Cody is. He may not have the best voice in the biz but he certainly has the talent. Each song is just so good to the ears. It’s like you’re listening to a feel-good music. Just get a copy of the album so that you’ll get what I’m trying to say. ;)

Ladies and gents, let’s all listen to “Pretty Brown Eyes”. :)


Xoxo, Judd