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Perhaps the best track from her fifth studio album 1989, Taylor Swift perfectly wrote a track that simply stands out from all the songs she has written in the past. Known for her bubblegum, teen pop kind of music, Taylor has decided to try something fresh with her music for her latest album and man, she didn’t disappoint. Most especially in this track. Influenced by the pop music of the 80s, she was able to come up with this song that simply talks about one of the things that hugely affect the relationship of each and every couple, doubt.  Read More


This song is really addictive. I say that with pure honesty because it really is! If you haven’t listened to it yet then now is the right time to look for this track and press the play button and get lost in its beauty.

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First and foremost, let me just say how sorry I am for not writing or updating rather this amateur, wannabe blog of mine. I know what you guys are thinking (I assume) that I made a promise when I first started this blog 3 months ago. That I would try my best to make this blog an interesting one by posting new and fresh entries. Thing is, I have been so busy these past few months. From work to my personal life. Hell yeah a lot of things have happened that I lost my focus on writing.

Since my last post was about Madonna (A birthday greeting), I’m gonna end this one with a bang. Chos!


Xoxo, Judd


As the saying goes, it’s better late than never. Although how could I forget to write an entry about her on her very special day? Jeez!

To the undisputed and forever queen of pop, Madonna, BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Your music lives on forever and ever.


Keep Vogue-ing! :)


Xoxo, Judd


After releasing his debut album Paradise months ago, Australian pop star Cody Simpson has a new album out and it’s called Surfer’s Paradise. Released by Atlantic Records last month, the album consists of 8 original tracks that vary from Pop to RnB. He even collaborated with Asher Roth and Ziggy Marley in two different songs. How cool is that?

csimps-surferThe album has spawned two singles already which were “Pretty Brown Eyes” released on April 23, 2013 followed by “Summertime Of Our Lives” released exactly a month ago.

I wasn’t a fan of his music at first because I thought he’s more catered to teenage girls like that of Bieber, etc. But when I heard Pretty Brown Eyes on the radio, I told myself “This guy has got a very cool voice, huh?”. After hearing and learning about the song, I immediately opened my computer and downloaded it right away. Yep, I downloaded it. Not bought. LOL!

I already have the full album saved on my iPhone and after listening to all the tracks, it made me realize what a great musician Cody is. He may not have the best voice in the biz but he certainly has the talent. Each song is just so good to the ears. It’s like you’re listening to a feel-good music. Just get a copy of the album so that you’ll get what I’m trying to say. ;)

Ladies and gents, let’s all listen to “Pretty Brown Eyes”. :)


Xoxo, Judd