Hello. Again. My. Blog.

Sometime in November of 2013, I wrote a little something that simply tells “I’m sorry”. Why? Because I couldn’t keep this blog updated with new stories/ideas/thoughts to share. And yep, here I am, doing that again. Over and over and over…again. *SMH*

Anyhow, moving on to new things to talk about. Well, what should we talk about? What should I divulge to you guys? To be honest, I couldn’t think of anything interesting to write about in this post. Let’s just go…random, shall we? You might wonder how random? Don’t worry, I’ve already got that covered.

Let Jennifer Love Hewitt answer your worries.

This song takes me back to my teenage years. When I was in high school to be specific. Sigh, how I miss those days when the only thing that I was worried about was my reputation as the queen bee of meanest clique of girls who ruled the school hallways. Charot! LOL!

I hope this act of randomness, with the help of JLH’s “BareNaked”, make up for my 2 year absence in the online world of writing.

So, hello…again.

Xoxo, Juday

1 comment
  1. Diana said:

    Hello, Juday! It’s so great to have stumbled upon your blog! I am glad you decided to come back. Looking forward to seeing more of your posts! :) ~ Diana

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